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Student Bailey Shafer

Bailey Shafer - Class of 2019
Global Business: Operations & Technology Management

"“I chose my major because I had a passion for learning about other cultures and wanted to work abroad. I also love excel, so OTM is as the perfect fit.”"

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Erin Lawyer

Erin Lawyer - Class of 2018
Operations & Technology Management

"I chose Operations and Technology Management as my major because I wanted the flexibility to work in any industry, as operations is involved in every business."

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Nolan Pool

Nolan Pool - Class of 2017

"I chose economics because you get to put on a bunch of different lenses and just see how businesses and people work together and the effects it has."

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Student Lucas Michaels

Lucas Michaels - Class of 2021

"I chose accounting because I want to prepare for a career in finance and law."

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Aziz Al Ayadhi

Aziz Al Ayadhi - Class of 2018

"I chose Marketing as my major because I am a people person. I really enjoy interacting with different people; that has always been the case for me. I am also interested in brand promotions, advertising, and the creative side that comes with Marketing."

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