Global Acumen Initiative FAQ


How do I know when to sign up for BUS 360 and BUS 496?

BUS 360 is required by everyone; no need to worry. You’ll be guided by your academic advisor in the
Dean’s suite regarding when you should take this course. BUS 496 will be taken during or after your
MIE, once your experience has been approved.

How do I know when to sign up for the 3xx/4xx level course?

For many of you, the upper level course will be a required part of your chosen degree. If your degree
does not have one, your academic advisor or the global acumen coordinator will work with you to
find a match.

What should I do now?

Most of your attention needs to be spent on your Meaningful International Experience (MIE). We
want you to engage in an experience that interests YOU; therefore you need to find out what that is
through planning and discernment. It’s never too soon to start thinking about!

When should I do my MIE?

Anytime! Usually the summer after your first year and beyond, but if you are currently engaged in
an MIE or plan on having one your second semester of your first year, you’ll just need to fill out the
paperwork located in UP-Engage.

How will my Global Acumen requirement be tracked?

You will receive regular information about this requirement from the global acumen coordinator
( It is crucial that you read and respond to these emails; if you do not, you will
not be eligible for graduation.

What do I do if I have more questions?

For more information or questions about the Global Acumen requirement, please email or contact the Pamplin School of Business office at 503-943-7224.

Bailey Shafer

Bailey Shafer - Class of 2019
Operations and Technology Management

"Study abroad gave me so much confidence. I did things I never would have dreamed of doing. Experiencing so many different cultures made the things I learned in the classroom so much more real. In my internship I was able to apply the skills I gained to effectively work with people all over the world."

John Ozyjowski

John Ozyjowski - Class of 2020

"In China, I learned the importance of knowing another person's background and culture. If you understand them as a person, you can collaborate on many tasks that you didn’t even know were possible. I am very glad I studied abroad because I can understand coming from different cultures is, yes different, but it’s also the same in ways you cannot imagine. This gave me a wider world view of what doing international business is like and knowing how to collaborate with others."

Bhanu Pamma

Bhanu Pamma - Class of 2019
Operations & Technology Management

"I had the opportunity to travel to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as part of KPMG's Global Internship Program. It was my first time ever traveling to Asia so there was definitely a culture shock. I interacted with individuals from different cultures, tried a variety of traditional foods, and explored Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Working outside the United States enhanced my ability to adapt to new situations and broadened my perspective while polishing my communication skills. Now I can come back to the United States and be confident in interacting with people who have a different working style than mine as well as be comfortable with taking any opportunity that comes my way."

Katie Richmond

Katie Richmond - Class of 2018

"As an Entrepreneur Scholar, I was fortunate enough to travel to Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo, Japan with the intention of meeting business professionals to assist in the development of my venture. These meetings were up to me to secure, which made for a challenging and extremely rewarding experience. Meeting with companies such as Wieden and Kennedy Tokyo and Birdman allowed me to learn about international marketing in a direct and genuine way. Overall, my trip to Japan gave me the confidence and guidance necessary to pursue a venture of my own."

August Urban

August Urban - Class of 2019
Operations & Technology Management

"The international travel aspect of the E-Scholars program was one of the most valuable experiences that it gave me. When you set foot in another country, you’re totally out of your comfort zone – and that’s the point. By traveling internationally, you broaden your mindset and understanding of the industry you’re going into as well as on a global scale. You start to think in a much grander scale of how your business will work, how it will benefit others, and what you can do to reach more people with your message. "