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Support the Pamplin School of Business

The Pamplin School of Business fosters the education of a new generation of global leaders to change the world for the better. The generous support from our friends and alumni is already helping our students and faculty reach new heights, to make change. Thanks to our donors, our students and community are gaining invaluable knowledge, experience, skills and opportunities to become intellectual and innovative leaders.

Look at a few recent examples of how donations have made a significant difference both on The Bluff and beyond.

  • Support for all business clubs including the Accounting Club where members competed nationally in the KPMG International Case Competition, becoming regional and super regional champs and one of the top five teams in the nation.
  • Enhancements to the Bloomberg Trading Room, one of the largest on the West Coast, so students can advance their skills and excel in the Bloomberg Aptitude Test and Talent Search.
  • New facilities for the Westside Campus to bring graduate students the Operations and Technology Management skill-sets they need to make an impact in a fast-growing field for global employers while working full-time in the industry.
  • Efforts to enhance the visibility of corporate partnerships with business leaders regionally, nationally, and globally to showcase faculty talent, provide internships and for students to secure employment.
  • Supporting the academic disciplines through the hiring of top students as tutors for introductory classes, which allows our faculty to cover more content at a faster rate while still ensuring student success
  • Allocating funds for the student-run UP Investment Association to travel to New York City to complete in a national competition
  • Subscription to the Financial Accounting Standards Board resources and network for the accounting discipline and students
  • Funding campus guest speakers who are well-known experts and business leaders, such as Mike Russo and the participants of the annual Leadership Lecture Series.

In order to continue to grow and build on established success, there are three main areas where your support of our innovative programs and state of the art resources will have the biggest impact are:

Students speed networking with local companies in San Francisco for an internship.

Pamplin Professional Development Program (P4)

Preparing students with experience to go with their education
Our innovative professional development program — the P4 — supports students throughout their academic career by providing them with the skills they need to succeed in today's dynamic professional world. From strength and interest analysis, to mock interviews, resume workshops, and dress for success seminars, and, finally, to job shadows, community service projects, and professional internships, students proactively develop professional skills and learn how to market those skills. Running a successful professional development program — which includes not only the specific activities listed above but also networking events in Seattle, San Francisco and Portland, campus speakers, and alumni engagement — requires annual funding of $30,000. To support the P4 program, and the ambitious students partaking, with a donation please email us at To assist with specific activities such as internships, job shadows and community service projects, please email us at as well.

Learn more about P4

Student in the Bloomberg Finance Lab making notes

Bloomberg Trading Room and Financial Resource

Pamplin School of Business has Bloomberg Terminals that students, faculty, and staff can use.

Helping students to understand the financial complexities in the trading world.

Bloomberg is one of the leading global providers of 24-hour financial news and information, including real-time stock quotes.  The Pamplin School of Business is proud that we have the largest Trading Room on the west coast, with sixteen Bloomberg terminals available for student use.  Students of all majors use Bloomberg terminals to get historical financial information, company statistics, and market averages.  The University of Portland Investment Association (one of the most active student run clubs in the Pamplin School) uses the Bloomberg terminals to research new investments and manage their investment portfolio.  Students can also use the Bloomberg terminals to browse thousands of job postings from around the country. Keeping this amazing resource on campus and available to all students requires annual funding of $50,000.

Students in the Accounting win 2nd place in national American Institute of CPA Competition

Student Organizations

Opportunities for students to connect with organizations and participate in various activities
UP provides an opportunity for any student to become involved with numerous student-run organizations, creating opportunities to meet fellow students with similar interests.  There are nine active clubs within the PSOB.  Each of these clubs provide students with the opportunity to pursue leadership roles, network with business professionals, gain real life business experience through professional conferences and community projects, and relate business to current ethical, cultural, and political issues.   You can learn about each of these organizations and their activities here.

Some examples of how your donation to PSOB's student associations might be used include:

  • Support students from Alpha Kappa Psi, a nation-wide business fraternity that focuses on developing principle business leaders, as they travel to Reno to attend the Principled Business Leadership Institute.
  • Assist the UP Marketing Group with building their club's reputation throughout Portland through promotion and networking events.
  • Fund one of the Operation's Management Association's popular meet-and-greet events.  These events bring current students and industry professionals together in an informal setting to exchange information and establish important business connections.

Learn more about our student organizations

Baylee Hamilton

Baylee Hamilton - Class of 2016
Operations & Technology Management

"I'm most thankful for the opportunity for personal development at UP. For 4 years I've been challenged intellectually by professors and through my classes, and professionally through the business school. I'm humbled and encouraged as I prepare to graduate."