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Business Analytics Certificate

The Business Analytics Certificate is a STEM designated program.
STEM refers to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The U.S. government recognizes expertise in the data science fields, such as this certificate in business analytics, as an important driver of innovation and job creation. It is also a designation that is highly regarded by employers.

The Pamplin School of Business provides students with a distance-learning option for the post-graduate and post-baccalaureate business certificate programs in Business Analytics. 

Students will take the following Operations & Technology Management (OTM) courses either online or in-person or a combination of both:


BUS 543 – Decision Modeling
BUS 555 – Database Management
BUS 519 – Business Analytics
BUS 552 – Optimization

Upon completing the Business Analytics certificate program, students should be able to understand and apply:

  • the fundamentals of modeling, optimization, and simulation and use appropriate analytical methods for decision-making under uncertainty, risk, and constraints
  • organizing organizational data science assets and use databases to create structure and solutions
  • the fundamentals of data visualization and predictive models and use appropriate descriptive and predictive data science analytics for organizational decision-making and problem-solving

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