Fedele Bauccio '64, '66 MBA, '04 Hon

Owner/Founder of Bon Appétit Management Company

Fedele Bauccio

In his freshman year at the University of Portland, Fedele Bauccio began his career in food services as a dishwasher, but quickly advanced to food preparation, and by his junior year was managing the University’s food service program. After graduation, he dedicated twenty years to working for another company, but began his dream of starting his own enterprise with the launch of Bon Appétit Management Company in 1986.

Bauccio attributes his “platform for success” to the University’s guidance in forming relationships and working with people of all backgrounds. Today, Bon Appétit serves 500 locations and has been a pioneer in the move to support local agriculture, buying 30-40% of its food locally and spending $70-$80 million annually with local producers across the U.S.

Looking to create an even more sustainable enterprise, social justice issues regarding agricultural workers are important to Bauccio. Bon Appétit created a code of conduct for the growers after recently witnessed “slavery” occurring in some tomato fields in Florida. If farms fail to follow those codes, he will not buy their products. “It’s those kinds of issues that resonate with me right now,” notes Bauccio. With his company, Bauccio can set standards and practices so that other companies can follow. “It’s been a dream come true for me, and it all started at the University of Portland on the dish machine.”