Real Estate Finance

First Year
Introduction to Pilot Real Estate Club
Access to knowledgeable guest speakers and site visits

BUS 205: Intro To Finance
Coverage of corporate finance, investments, financial institutions, international finance, risk management, and real estate finance
BUS 330: Managerial Finance
Provides a conceptual and theoretical treatment to topics such as the role of risk in asset pricing, capital structures, currency-risk management, and dividend policy
Summer Pilot Externship Program
Students will work in rotations at five different real estate companies. Each of these companies has been selected for their field expertise. During their two weeks at each company, students will develop a deeper understanding of what each facet of real estate can offer career wise.

BUS 433: Real Estate Finance
Course covers real estate valuation methods and investments, including rental properties, REITs, real estate syndicates, mortgages and securitization of mortgages, investment in land, etc
BUS 491: Advance Real Estate Finance
Course curriculum is currently being researched and built
Summer Internship
Students now have the knowledge and foresight needed to successfully complete a summer long
internship. Building upon their coursework and externship experience, this internship will give the students the skills and connections needed to be successful post-graduation.

BUS 490: Real Estate Law
Topics include types of legal ownership, deeds, real estate contracts and leases, zoning and land use,
environmental laws, real estate covenants, conditions and restrictions, and loan transactions
BUS 431: Financial Markets and Institutions
Examines the various financial markets used to obtain financing and invest in financial assets such as stocks, bonds, mortgages, and derivatives