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Continuing Education Certificate in Craft Beer Business Strategy

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Continuing Education Certificate in Craft Beer Business Strategy

Begin and end on your schedule, not ours. Modules are completely online and self-guided.

This program is offered by the AACSB-accredited Pamplin School of Business of the University of Portland. Our certification features a dynamic online curriculum and is curated by, an online learning community dedicated to the business of craft beer.

Our three modules are: strategy, marketing intelligence, and strategic operations & controls.

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Brian Grafton, Strategy Module Student
"If you think you know it all, think again. I am an architect that has developed a specialized background in brewery and winery design. Taking the Strategy Module has been a great tool to allow the firm to approach breweries and wineries in ways typically not discussed during the normal design process. Content on value creation, strategic planning for breweries, and the entrepreneurship videos offer insights into a brewers mind and the planning involved beyond what a typical architect might know and help us look out for, and better serve our clients. Since meeting Sam and signing up for his course we have quickly become colleagues and often reach across the gap between Ohio and Portland to talk about breweries, share interesting articles, and to discuss the topics that really captured my attention in more detail."
~Brian Grafton, Strategy Module Student 
Project Architect, FMD Architects, Inc.


University of Portland
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Portland, Oregon 97203-5798